I love cats, they've always been my favorite animal. All my life, my family has had a cat or two...or more. ^^" Right now I have two, my cat Smokey whom I've had for about 8-9 years, and a kitten of hers from her last litter named Cheese who is about a year old now.
I've had Smokey the longest though, and she's the first cat of ours that had gotten pregnant. o.o She's had 45 kittens already. (eight litters) =o But not all of em survived. T.T And we managed to find homes for them or kept them. =3
They were all so adorable and really pretty, and a lot of them were orangeeven though Smokey is very dark and multicolored (black, light brown, grey, and a small patch of white on her chest). My mom said she must have had a favorite boyfriend. xD And there was a big orange cat that hung around our old place a lot...
A lot of her kittens were siamese as well, but her brother and her mom were siamese cats too. =3 Mhm. Smokey's a very interesting cat. I love her a lot. ...No more babies for her though. ^^"
Samaya Samaya
18-21, F
Aug 16, 2007