My Cats

i have 3 cats.

1 tabby thats almost a year old that drives me nuts all the time.also hes fallen in the toilet three times.

2 other cats ages 10,and 11,they also irritate me the older one pees in my bed if i dont clean the litter box and the other meows a lot,likes to barf on my floor.

but enev if they drive me nuts on a regular basis i love them.

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well,vigero doesnt drink from the toilet.he was exploring the bathroom,i walked in,scared him,he fell into the toilet.this happned three times total,till he just stayed away from the bathroom altogether.its one of my older cats that drinks from the toilet,then the other likes to watch the water when you

If the Young'un is drinking out of the toilet (as they do), sometimes it takes a while for them to figure out how to do it w/o falling in. It is slippery, you know. make sure he has fresh water available. Or buy a cat fountain. They love fresh running water! Or you can teach him to drink from the faucet, except then you have to turn it on for him all the time! LOLr

My youngest cat has fallen into the same very, very, muddy pond 3 times and still wonders why he gets wet and dirty which makes him stupid. Yet when I put a cover on the food bowls, because I have one cat who would eat all the food in the house, he will be clever enough to knock off the cover to get at the food which takes brains.<br />
I'm sure all cats have multiple personality disorder. Whilst they love us for feeding them, they show they're disgust and contempt for us in their own unique way.<br />
<br />
Gotta Love 'em!!!!!

thanx,and i got to admit that my youngest cat is a little stupid for falling into the toilet three times! XD

I'm glad you say you love your cats -- they love you, too, and they look to you for everything. Hope you agree they deserve the best and that you'll do your best for them. (No one likes a dirty toilet, right?!!) All the best and give your cats rubs and "snorgles" from us, won't you?