Kitten Tips?

I've grown up with cats all my life. I recently gave my silver tabby to my dad, so I am currently animal-less. My boyfriend and I are getting a kitten within the next month or two, and I'm really excited because I've never actually had a cat that was my responsibility. It'll also be a fresh start because I feel that, as a kid, I was annoying and bothersome to my cats. Anyone have any tips for raising a "good" kitten?

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Oh I raised a kitten to cathood!<br />
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I loved it and I really miss it. <br />
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Don't use your hand under a blanket as a toy - he will think everything under blankets are monsters and will attack your sleeping body. <br />
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I got a harness for my guy to take walks but he backs out of it - cats are tricky that way with their strange bones. <br />
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My cat was extremely ornery and got into all sorts of trouble. We started spritzing him with a purple squirt bottle to shoo him off kitchen tables (littery paws on an eating surface! gross!) and now we've got him scared of just seeing the bottle. No water has to be in it - you just wave it and he darts off.<br />
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I have tons of kitten experience and advice. Oh my gosh and every cat I see I want to adopt. Nothing nicer than saving a homeless animal.<br />
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And I'm one of those suckers who gets up at 2-4am to feed my cat. He is very vocal and instead of getting kicked out of my parents house because of a loud cat, I chose to feed him to hush him up and now I drag my butt out of bed to slave over his food bowl. And trust me, sleeping in on weekends is now not an option. He has learned to make windchimes out of our vertical blinds and he rubs all the way across the right and then back across the left of them clanking them together. <br />
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I swear. That cat rules my life.

Thanks guys! I appreciate the tips! I most definitely am adopting from a shelter in my area...I wouldn't waste my time at the pet store. <BR><BR>As for why I gave my tabby away...<BR>Well, I live with my mom and we were "kitten sitting" for two weeks. We figured we could just put the kitten and our 11-year-old cat together and they would eventually get along...not exactly the case. My cat would have murdered the kitten if he wanted, and we know now it is because he is a male and males are particularly dominant. My mom figured our cat could stay with my dad until the kitten left. My parents were still together when we got the cat, so the cat knew and liked my dad. My dad ended up wanting to keep him, and I felt bad saying no. My boyfriend and I visit both of them often.

Why did you give your silver tabby to your father? The very most important thing is that adopting a cat should be just as important as adopting or having a child -- and it should be a commitment for LIFE. Always spay/neuter and get baseline innoculations for your kitten (ask your vet about a "kitten pak" at a reduced rate) and it is best to always keep cats indoors-only, with a safety (breakaway) collar and ID tag. Feed premium foods, which are healthier than cheap "supermarket" foods and result in fewer illnesses and vet bills!; always have fresh water available, and keep litter box CLEAN. Provide quiet, soft sleeping area, safe, fun toys, and LOTS OF LOVE. is a great website to visit to learn more about cat care! THANK YOU for loving cats and I hope you will adopt from a sanctuary or shelter -- 70% of cats in them do not find good homes, and they are wonderful companions!

The most important thing is to get them used to doing things your way and holding and touching them a great deal. Turn them every which was gently, hold them like a baby, run their tummy and ears and paws. If they want to play fight with you, don't let them get too rough. If they bite or scartch, put them down immediately and say NO! Give them, in effect a time out, for a few minutes. Don't play or pet or talk to them for a while. Even put them in another room. It's OK to make a loud noise if they bite or scratch too hard. Their mother would swat them! If you don't want to get up at dawn to feed them, don't start now. Ignore them and they will adjust to your schedule. But they are creatures of habit and routine. Do something a certain way 2-3 times in a row, and that will be it for them forever. Give lavish praise whenever they do something right or good. Ignore them, when it's bad. Feed them Kitten Chow for the first year. They need the extra protein. Get him/her fixed as soon as possible. females can go into heat at 3-4 months and that is too young to have kittens. Have it checked out by a vet soon. Make sure they have all their shots. Kittens are very susceptible to certain diseases like distemper. Keep them inside all the time, if you want them to live a long,happy life. The clumping litter works best for odor control. If s/he gets fleas, treat immediately with Advatage or Frontline or some really good product. It may take two applications (two months) but after that it should be fine. I know that you will be a good companion and derive much pleasure from this relationship. Really think good thoughts before hand and draw the best cat for your situation to you. Let us know what happens. bless you both.

Spend lots of time holding it!! <br />
They'll grow up loving if you do.