I Love My Cats

i have three male cats one is white and have black spots one is red cypers and last but not least a grey striped one the last one is verry big and  his weight 10 kilogram.he is big as a tank  but he is so nice cute and smart.red one named merah and my oldest named tommy ilove them so much i got them as little kittens of six weeks and their stay with me till dead.

i also have a little dog and the cats take good care of her because she is a little puppy her name is daisy. this cats and doggie are my childeren.

albertina62 albertina62
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2 Responses Mar 13, 2009

THANK YOU for loving and caring for cats! I love cats as well, and rescuing cats is my life. I hope you can get all spayed/neutered and are able to keep them indoors where they will be safe! ;) They all sound very lovely.

I love cats too.