Currently Cat-less!

I am a cat lover who is currently cat-less!

I was just reading some of the entries and it made me pine for another.

I have had 3 cats over the years and all of them have been my best, best buddies. I have enjoyed their antics and behaviours, their affection and playfulness and have buried my head and sobbed in warm furry mass many times!

There is something about a cat that is just plain old comforting!

I am looking forward to the day that my daughter is a little older and we can get another.  I havet to make sure she is not allergic yet.

Thank you for all your wonderful stories.

They will serve as my "cat fix" for now!

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The feeling I'm getting from everyone is that cat's are a good thing, (which I already knew!)<br />
But "Jmuhjacat" - you are right about the love, loyalty, compassion, friendship part.<br />
I had two cats while growing up (we got them when I was three and they lived till their teens). I loved them dearly and even used to dress one of them up in my clothes and push him around in my dolls pram! And he would LET me!!! <br />
Years later, my boyfriend brought a cat home for me, 1 week after I moved to the U.S. I was furious! The last thing I wanted to do was to get attached to a cat when I wasn't even sure if things were going to work out with my job, with him, my visa extensions etc. However, I bonded with that cat within the first week and she was always there for me till the day she died. I think I had talked over every problem I ever had with her and this always helped me get through it.<br />
It's funny too, how cats know when you are feeling bad.<br />
(No-one else would EVER want to hang out with me and keep me company in the bathroom when I had the stomach flu!)<br />
<br />
I feel sure we will get one sooner rather than later...<br />
<br />
Thanks again for sharing your stories...I really appreciate it.

My folks, both of whom loved cats dearly, were already caring for one when I was born, so I grew up with him, loved him dearly, and learned so much from him and my folks about unconditional love, loyalty, compassion, friendship, and all good things. I'm also one of the healthiest people I know, with never an allergy, because I grew up close to cats. Doctors say people who grow up around cats develop strengths and immunities that those who don't, don't. Cats are wonderfully comforting, healing and beautiful.

My son was around cats from the day he was born. He never developed any allergy or sensitivity. Maybe there was some good fortune involved.

Happy 2nd Birthday to your daughter!<br />
<br />
I'm glad she is enjoying your cats.<br />
Your blue Persian sounds absolutely dreamy!<br />
<br />
My daughter has some other allergies and while we are working out what they are...we just don't want to add anything else into the mix. (Plus... she probably would not leave the poor thing alone!).<br />
<br />
My son would love a dog...may just have to give in and have both!

...Never thought about allergies with my daughter. She turns 2 on the 21st of this month, and she's fine with all three cats. I love how my blue Persian lays on my pillow all night.

Sorry, I am in California, but I do know your area. I used to live in Cincinnati and my husband is from Toledo.<br />
Thank you for taking care of those cats - it is so compassionate of you. They are lucky you are there looking out for them.<br />
Wish I could help.

I live in hamilton ohio and unfortunately there is an epidemic of strays running the streets. Many neighbors all around feed them, but my first concern is their health. I see them pregnant and I know they have no homes. Nor do they have shots. Second, we recently learned that near our home were found several dead in a terribly violent state. Won't say more....if any one lives near my area that would like to give one of these poor cats a home please email me as my children and I are going to gather them and take to humane society. If I didnt live with someone right now who says I cant bring any of them home with me I'd have them! Thanks