Matilda Cat

I picked up this tiny squawking scrap of grey fur two and a half years ago. She had wandered away from her mother and the litter and was lost in the street, hungry, dehydrated, frightened and trying to hide under cars. She was too young to lap, so had to be hand-reared with a pipette and special formula milk. She is now a beautiful, sleek grey tabby puss, with a distinctive and amusing personality - e.g. making stange yapping noises if anyone sneezes!

We live in a dangerous place for cats (Greece). I just hope I can keep her safe.

Margana Margana
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4 Responses Mar 15, 2009

LOL I've never heard that before, but it couldn't be more true! :)

Thanks to all of you who commented! No, I can't imagine my life without her now, although it has to be said that in true Girl Cat fashion she displays all her affection to my partner, not me! I'm useful for feeding, buying her the 'right' food, and general caring. As my sister says, cats don't have owners, they have 'staff'!

What a sweet story......:)<br />
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I bet you can't even imagine your life without her now! Lol<br />
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Sampson here is a rescue cat! He's 3 now and I've had him since he was 8 wks old! :)

Bless you for rescuing her and for caring! Yes, we desperately need caring people like you all over the world, to protect cats and keep them safe. They are such special, beautiful and loving beings! :)