Cats Are So Funny!

I've always had a cat or two in my life.  Always the one I currenly have is my favorite, although I could tell stories about all of them and I recall them all fondly.  Earl is my current cat, a blue Lynx point Siamese that we adopted from the vet (he had been rejected by his mother when he was only a few days old).  He likes to take baths with me and has his own collection of rubber duckies.  Bubbles are the best!  He doesn't care much for showers, though.

Earl loves party favor blow outs and will retrieve them when I throw them.  He carries them around like a trophy but you can tell he wishes he could blow them out himself.  If he sneaks out after one of the dogs, I stand outside blowing the party favor and the sound makes him come running from under the bushes where I can catch him.  He can't resist it. 

When it get close to a feeding time, he will systematically knock anything loose off the counter in the kitchen until we feed him.  If the flavor of cat food doesn't suit him, he will return to the pantry and fish around for another can, suggesting his preference!  

I'm sure many of you have similar stories, and can relate to mine.  But I guess what I love so much about cats is summarized in such stories.  I love that they are so independent, but that you can wake up in middle of the night and find your favorite feline nuzzled up around your chin or snuggled in the crook of your arm.   

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Too funny! I have the same problem with my cat, except he's partial to white wine. I hear that Burmese are a wonderful, devoted feline breed. Do share a story about her!

Charming story. My Burmese always wants a taste from my glass . I really must watch it with her, especially with the single malt.

cute story!

Thank you for sharing this great story about Earl. He sounds like a wonderful and loving cat!

The real hero in Earl's life isn't me or my family but the vet tech that agreed to carry him around with her for four weeks, feeding him every two-four hours. Her husband was allergic to cats so she couldn't keep him. Hers was a selfless act with no payment other than the warm feeling of doing the right thing. She broke down and cried when she handed him over to us, but gets to see him when he comes in for a visit.

He sounds wonderful and I'm so glad he has YOU to love and care for him! Thank you for adopting him and giving him the best of care. I love cats, too -- all cats -- and all of my beloved cats are rescued, of COURSE!

Nice story - I had a cat that used to knock loose change etc off my dressing table to get me up in the morning. If that didn't work she would go under the covers and nibble my toes! Funny how they keep just out of reach when they do these things!