Plastered Cat

I have had lots of cats. One of them came to my wife and I as a tiny kitten just after we got married and moved into an old flat together. We had a house warming party soon after and when the party was over the poor kitten was limping. Seems someone had stood on her and damaged one of her back legs. Poor thing! I worried it might have been me as I did fall down stairs at one point but I don't remember any squeals so I hope it was someone else. She had to have a plaster cast on her leg which was very comical because she learned to run along on three legs with this great weight stuck out behind her. When she stopped to clean her bottom, as cats do, she would repeatedly try to hold the cast leg up in the air until its weight tipped her over. Not really fair to laugh, but sometime she wuld repeat this half a dozen times before she achieved her objective. She never learned to lift the other leg. She was fine after the cast came off thankfully.

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Ummmm...excuse me but you seem to be rather befuddled. If you adore cats sooooooo much why do you have a very childish depiction of a two legged dog as you profile picture? It’s all very confusing don’t you think huh?

I love cats alot. They are cute and soft

I thought you got the cat drunk.....good twist with the words

I have several rescued furballs in my family. One day my pure black girl (even the whiskers are black) got outside and was accidently hit by a car. One of her back legs needed to be amputated. That was 13 years ago, and the antics have kept her and I in good humor ever since

Glad you love cats -- I do, too!

Haha, I have ways of getting your attention! Thanks for the comment.

Ha ha, I read this a little up in arms because I thought someone got a kitty drunk :)<br />
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What a story! That's pretty adorable.