My Cat's Name Is Tita

This is a very short story, but was someting I thought impossible to happen. Here's what happened:

My cat, who goes by the name of Tita, used to go to the front yard to eat grass and just being underneath the sun. Well...this one particular day, the sun was gone, and we couldn't find her. We looked all over the place and I even walked around the neighbourhood for at least one hour. Our hearts were broken...she was gone for good.  A friend of mine tried to comfort me by telling that once his neighbours' cat wet missing and came back after one month. My hopes staid the same...One week passed, than other two and one more...we all missed that cuttie little thing. And night, I was listening to music with my headphones and distracted on the web and I hear someone downstairs calling my name like thei were paniking. I turned off the music and hear, behind my mother's screams...I heard a cat. Ran downstairs and saw skinny, with her pink mouth cute! Filled with fleas on her fur. I hugged her like she came back from the dead.

And that's the story about how Tita came back one month after disapearing. We were a complete family again!


Tact Tact
18-21, F
Mar 21, 2009