Want One Soo Bad It Hurts

 I really love cats . I am not a dog person or anything else I am a cat person 100%... they are soo serene and snooty .. but calming and all of that being around cats is like being around a higher intelligence . Plus they are darn cute . But I cant have any cats because my husband and daughter are allergic .. so it will be a very long time before I can have one again  :(

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3 Responses Mar 25, 2009

Very glad you love cats. They are the best! Hope you are able to enjoy the love of cats soon. I can't imagine life without cats!

Awww you can adopt from the pet shelter here on EP. heck come to my profile and you can feed and pet mine :-) lol its fun and silly.

I am allergic to dust and pollen but my worst allergy is cats. I have three-lol<br />
That's what pills are for. I can suffer the odd stuffy nose to keep my kitties :)<br />
<br />
Love your username btw-lol