I Used to Hate Cats

I used to hate cats.  I gues that was because my first cat, Max, didn't leave me with too many happy memories.  Not only did he bite my hand because I touched him, he almost blinded my brother by scratching his eye just as it closed.

However, after he died, even though I still hated cats, one of my friends enjoyed the "Warriors" series, which was all about wild cats.  Of course, being the bookworm I am, I tried reading it.  It changed how I look at cats.  Instead of the selfish beings I always thought all of them were, I started to think, 'Maybe not all cats are as bad as Max was.' 

Now I absolutely adore all cats.  They're cute, fuzzy, and intellegent.  I hope that some day, if I ever get a cat of my own, it will be a kind one... Named Firestar, of course.

Silameara Silameara
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 3, 2007

They do have different personalities... I've had everything from a sweet harmless cuddler, to a nipper, to a cat who didn't interact much, to a cat who interacted TOO much (I was always tripping over him.) Sometimes the nipping is just playful, but that can get, umm, out of hand. :)<br />
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I hadn't heard about those books and now I'm going to check them out; thanks.