13 Years.

I've had Splish since I was 6 years old. She was a 7th birthday present from my parents,along with her brother Splosh,who went missing when I was 13. I love her so much,she is the most adorable feline that I have ever owned. Add to this that she's a Siamese/Bombay cat,then you have a rather slinky and well kept cat.

Unfortunately she now lives with my dad,as my Mum's partner is allergic to cats,so whenever I get the chance I go to visit her when I'm home,and play cat and mouse with her,or brush her hair with my dad. She is a bit of a tomcat though-gets into fights with all the other cats in the neighbourhood. The next door neighbour has also claimed that when she's on the roof,he has the ability to talk in cat.

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cute story indeed. I love animals dont you??