They Chose Me!

I have 3 beautiful friends and two of them chose me to take care of them. The first was a grey tiger stripe male that just began hanging around the complex I was living in. Everyone wanted to either feed him or pet him but.... he chose me. About 4 months later this little white bellied calico topped female ball of fur just walked into my apartment and made herself at home but like most strays she wanted to go back outside and one of my neighbors took her inside and tried to keep her for himself which was fine with me as long as she was taken care of but she was too quick one day and escaped and came back to my apartment door begging to get in. Of course I let her in because..... she chose me. Her and the male played and enjoyed being with each other and I was happy too because...... they had chosen me. I guess they enjoyed each other so much they blessed me with a single baby kitten in the females first litter only one baby who has also chosen ME...  (:o)

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I agree that they really do choose us....mine were just neighborhood strays that kept hanging around my place, they were kind of ragged looking and starving so I started feeding them...left the door open one afternoon and the female just came inside and made herself at home..the male took a few more days but with a little bribe of food he came in too...once they checked me out they agreed to stay...had them spayed and neutered and got thier they are fat and happy friends

very true gryfnn..thanks for dharing the interesting comments<br />
<br />
Blessed Be

I had a cat once, I thought he was "mine". I'd raised him from a kitten. My next door neighbor asked me if I minded that he liked to visit her. I said, "no of course not". One day I went to visit her, "my" cat took one look at me and ran and hid behind her couch. I said, laughing, "It looks like you have a cat." On the other hand, I've had neighbor's cats try to move in with me. One spent years in my back yard --playing with the kids. The owners of the cat evidently both worked. When they moved--they took him with them. Cats, definitely choose where they want to be, if they can. :)

my neighborhood kind of got invaded by cats after hurricane ike most of them went feral if they weren't two adults still like to go out and romp and play and fight with them...but they always come to my bedroom window to be let back in for the night..they all have their spots to a semi-circle around my bed..they are truly my companions, my friends, my familiars, and my guardians..and yes cats are very psychic and they will choose where and with whom they go if allowed to

That is so amazing oldnwise2! I've never tamed a truly feral cat. You must be a very special person. James Mason - the movie star--said in one of his books, "Cats are psychic." I'm beginning to believe it. How do they know who to go to? You not only took them in, but you love and care for the whole cat family.<br />
Now those are very wise cats :).......

that is a gret first two..the adults a male and a female were feral cats...just a little older than kitten stage..but very young....they would come and stay a few days at a time and then ask nicely to go out and stay gone for a few more days and come back...and so on...the two of them hooked up on one of their home visits and blessed me with a single kitten..only one litter...of course she was adorable and I just could not give her away so now I have the three and maybe once the two were feral...but now I can hardly throw them out of the house..they are all healthy and lazy and just want to play eat and sleep inside with me.....

LOL I understand what the closet door thing is all about...The cat is training me to come when HE calls. He went in the closet, sat by the open door and meowed. When I came to him, he came out of the closet and I closed the door.<br />
He rewarded me by jumping up on the back of my chair and showed affection. Now he's in his basket on the coffee table---no one is allowed to touch him when he's in his basket. ROTFL He gets very angry when visitors insist on petting him when he's in his basket. He has me trained--but hasn't trained them yet. :)

The Humane Society here has an ongoing project to deal with feral cats. They trap them, alter them and return them to where they came from. The reason is: people continuously feed the feral cats. When you feed wild animals, they multiply--then if you move or pass on---these animals starve. I don't know why, but feral cats who are injured or starving have come to me many times. I nurse them back to health and they return to the wild--not because I stop caring for them, because they prefer the wild life to the domestic. My siamese cat comes and goes as he pleases. Strangely, when I call him, there is a snow white feral cat who comes---not clear to my door- but the feral cat comes when my own ignores me. Cats are so fascinating......I've watched the feral cat follow mine--at a distance. Right now the siamese cat is meowing at the closet door. He wants to explor the closet. Usually he only meows at the doors that lead to outside....hmmm I never feed feral cats unless they come to the door--obviously in trouble.

thank you for the nice words warms...and yes they know i do love's strange but when i am at my computer they always lay in a circle around me...two beside and one guardians :)

I was just thinking about how the kitties often choose us and now your lovely story is more evidence. I'm glad your kitties love you and comfort you and I'm sure they know you love them. Thank you for sharing.

I am legaly deaf without my hearingaids but one or all of my babies will let me know if something is going on like the doorbell or the phone....they all sense when I am in pain and come in to cuddle next to the spots I hurt the most...yes they truly chose me and I am blessed that they did

as much as I joke about Kuro our Black cat him and his mother Trisha (and our dog Willow)<br />
look after me the help me when I am having server migraine attacks Kuro more then Trisha<br />
Kuro even took my keys from my purse one time right before I had an attack I was supposed to pick my husband up from work but couldn't find my keys I was ignoring the signs of the on coming migraine. we found the keys the next morning in the middle of the floor

Being chosen is the ultimate compliment! They know who will love them. My kids each have one cat ...I belong to the cats. The help keep life in perspective.