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Not ......

As a man I find them a challenge . A veritable obstacle  to my position in the household , once whilst recovering from a hang over I heard smudge meowing just to annoy me .

Armed with a slipper I crawled out of bed to settle the matter . I stood at the top of the stairs gazing down all I could see was a pair of green eyes holding my stare  challenging and goading me to action . With the deft skill of an Olympian   a dispatched the said projectile with a loud crash it met it,s target the eyes  goaded no more ......

With a triumphant brush of the hands I turned to find S.O. cuddling a rather smug looking smudge in her arms where upon she asked why I threw a slipper at the answering machine !!!

I swear to god that cat laughed at me  next time I will put my contact lenses in ...... ;o(


salar1 salar1 51-55, M 49 Responses Jun 17, 2009

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you evidently have the pecking order in your house confused. it is 1) Cat, 2) Female 3) everyone and everything else 4) you<br />
lol You can't own a cat, the cat owns you. Your there to serve the cat, not visa versa


Hahaha... that sounds like something my dad would do. Thanks for making me laugh :) I hope your answering machine feels better...

Answering machines J I can take , cats well ......

Nice....those answer machines will get all the time

Shhh dont tell anyone..... but at a squeeze i could admit to possibly , almost thinking about the concept of potentially having a small moment of ,which some people may determine as avection :o)

Shhh dont tell anyone..... but at a squeeze i could admit to possibly , almost thinking about the concept of potentially having a small moment of ,which some people may determine as avection :o)

Carrots , turnip bit of seasoning oven gas mark 4 three hours , serve with a nice red .....

Ty Aluviso ...

Hmmm Thank you Fg


Hmmm Thank you E...

Mmm No Epeeps had to buy a new one :(

Thanks K .....<br />
<br />
<br />
The three that allow me to live with them never shut up and we dont have tornados , huh wish we did could send them back to Kansas :o)

Cat's are so much smarter than anyone thinks--learn to listein and they can tell you things. Once Daddy & I stopped at a motel for the night because of bad weather. After an hour of so of rest Whiskey would not stop yowling, jumping on the bed and going to the door scratching. We finally gave up because he was yowling so loud and left. An hour or so down the road while we had the radio & CB on we found out the town we had left had been hit by a tornado....Don't know what happend to the motel but I'm glad Whiskey threw a fit and wanted to leave!

Bg thank you .....

LoL great story man, love it !

O yes in league with old Nick ..... Dc

Smudge views squeaks as a rubic cube , once she figures out how to open the ball then she will get the treat , a few days back she and maddy pushed the thing just outside the bathroom door in order that i kicked it down the stairs , i think the dam thing enjoyed boucining down the stairs and crashing into the front door !!! the dam ball remained intact :)

Tell him to quiten down Smudges ear just popped up

Very lofty indeed , i have just added fourth .... :)

Squeaks at present is doing his best steve mcqueen impersonation trying to jump over the piles of clothing on the floor in his ball one down and two to go ....<br />
<br />
Dc......cats ar not clever they are evil and devious .... :)

Mama ..... i am not afraid of them , just don't like their attitude ...<br />
<br />
Ep A Garfield would be a relief fro the trio i have to suffer .....

Thanks for the laugh. Smudge reminds me of Garfield.

my boyfriend hates cats. i think it's because he's secretly afraid of

I think Salar needs to eat a large steak...otherwise poor Smudge might end up in the crockpot.<br />
<br />
Myonis I used to have a dog-like cat...did everthing a dog does except bark. I really think Salar would like him<br />
<br />
Very funny story and comments salar...

My cat thinks he's a dog. He's as big as one and only knows dogs. He's too laid back to be smug. salar, you might even like him!

All cats are smug.....WE are the silly ones....WE are their source of amusement !<br />
<br />
Would we have it any other way?<br />
<br />
My females let the Tom"'s know who's the boss, and it's not me.

Chris your beginning to see the light ..... ;o)

Eat.... ****..... and give you a look like they're saying.... Kiss my a$$