Me Too

I have 3 cats 1 who lives with me n 2 at my dads house!

I adore my cats n wouldnt no how i would cope without them!
They are always there when im having a bad day or just need a cuddle n a kiss!!

When i was growing up i had 2 cats!
Peurdy was my first love she was there the day i was born n would always sit at the bottom of my cot to watch over me whenever i was alone! she wouldnt leave me until someone came into the room!
I grew up with her n we used to do everything together n she also taught me how to wink! if you can believe it!
She used to sit on my chest an arm on each of my shoulders n wink at me constantly! i was so jealous as i couldnt do it so i tried n tried for years n then 1 day i just did it! even now i can only do it with only one eye!

Anyway while peurdy was alive Tigger lived with us! he didnt come near me until puerdy died when i was 7 i was heartbroken but tigger then replaced her! n he came onto my knee as soon as i found out about her! he never had done that ever!

He then was with me through ever hard time like my parents divorcing etc n new he was always there to love me! i would pick him up all the time n cuddle him! i was special he wouldnt let anyone!

Anyway he got really ill a year before my 18th! i pleaded with him to stay alive for him to see me turn 18! We were taking him to the vets regulary for check ups n injections n they said how he had really come on since last visits!

I turned 18 n he was with me n came n sat with me the whole day!
He was 19 by this time but he died dec 2003! 4 months after my 18th!
He got really really poorly straight after my bday within days!

But i believe his will power let him see me being 18 n letting me enjoy my day!!! im so thankful to him n miss him so much! i often think i can hear him or see him when im upset!
sazead sazead
22-25, F
2 Responses Feb 13, 2007


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that's so nice that you were his life companion, what a lucky cat!