Named After Rocky Characters

 My wife wouldn't let me name our children.

Probably wise !

I'd call them after favourite  characters from the movie "ROCKY"

Our cats however, were the concession.

We have an eight yr old male called "Paulie".  He's lazy but faithful.

A 2 yr old female called "Adrianne."  What can I say....she's beautiful !

A 18 mth old male called "Apollo".  he's quite the prancer !


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14 Responses Jun 22, 2009

Does your wife dislike 'Rocky'? I know I do. I have no interest whatsoever in it. However, I have four cats; Charmed, Chloe, Weasel, and Sniffles.

She is my little tom boy but for pics I almost always ress her up in a girlie outfit she gets so mad at me for that

Lexi is a very pretty and feminine name for a little girl

Adrianne is a really cute name Lexy was lucky she came close to being Ariel Renee instead of Alexis Marie

Awwwww I can see them and they have such personality.

thanks PW

I have been banned from naming the horses for obvious reasons.

From the first movie ! way to go

When I was a kid, I had two little turtles named Cuff & Link. They were a gift from my dad.

I love it !

I guess I should introduce them to our cat ....... Rocky (&, yes, he does "box" :) )

Love to PC. Do you know how I put them into the story?<br />
I have pics in my computer.


How very funny !