Are Cats Really Clean?

Most people think cats are really clean animals because they are always licking themselves and "washing their face" ...but...if you think about it they are really covered in cat spit    :o)

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have to love them matter what they are covered with :)

Hehehehe<br />
Cat spit...ummmmmm I never thought of it that way. Oh well I love them so I guess I'll have to get over it and cuddle with them anyway. :)

that's wonderful might enjoy another of my stories They chose me .....mine are Mr B the male, Little Bits the mom, and Baby Bits the youngster.

i have three rescue cats. emily the mum and her two kittens lottie and henry. they are all better toilet trained than any of my ex boyfriends.<br />
the british are supposed to be a nation of animal lovers but emily wouldn't agree.<br />
we all live happily in the uk, emily, henry,lottie and me.

they are wonderful have a unique pair there librakitty....have to love them all the more for being out of the norm

I have a beautiful Black Cat Named Kuro (Japaneses for black) <br />
he thinks he is a female dog or some other animal that is why we call him our Platypus<br />
when you scratch his ears he shakes his leg like a dog he drinks from the toilet, and will join you in the bath or shower <br />
<br />
my daughter calls him Kuru which means Not quit right / or Brain Disease<br />
<br />
we still love him and he fits right in <br />
<br />
our Winner dog purrs

all three of mine avoid water like the plague....except for drinking of's ok....i still love them all....spit or no spit :o)

Good day fellow cat lover. I wish to imform you that my cat is more hygenic than the average human. Once I found my darling kitten Snuffles washing himself in the bath, he used up all the hot water and Herbal essences. When I told him how annoyed I was he simple replied "Get out, I'm washing. Did'nt anyone ever tell you that its very impolite to come in without knocking, huh."<br />
<br />
After that I lernt my lesson and never interupted him bathing himself again. Now if you dont mind I have just been summoned for my weekly wash by Snuffles.

lol spit is much better...and merry meet to you

true. but my elderly cat (18 yrs) doesn't lick herself anymore and she always needs a bath. so maybe cat spit is better and cat crap :) merry meet.