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My love of cats has caused more than one inconvenience or scuffle in my life. I've declined nice places to live if they wouldn't allow cats.  I've gotten in more than one argument about keeping my cats with my husband.  I am so accustomed to having a cat purring beside me that it is next to impossible to live without one.  I had a 2 week break from my kitties during some drama at home and I was miserable.  I will make myself physically uncomfortable so as not to disturb a sleeping or comfortable kitty.  I have spent more than one sleepless night crying for a cat who didn't come home when they should've or was stuck in a tree with no way to get down.

 I have ALWAYS had a cat since I was young enough to remember.  When living at home with my grandparents, my grandma was always on my side, so I was never alone in my cat battle (my gpa is NOT  a cat lover at all)!  Whever my grandpa would threaten to get rid of my cats, my grandma would put him in his place.. LOL! So started my love and addiction to my feline friends.  The start to long line of cats I've been related to was Joey, he was my first and grew up with me.  After Joey, came Panda, followed by... Bear! 

Then when my mom got married, it took some begging but within the first year of living out of my grandparents house, I again had a cat to call my own, and Cotton entered my family.  Cotton went on to have kittens and moved with us when we moved 3 years later.  She was victim to a bad accident and I lost her way too soon, which led to Tiger joining us.  Tiger is still around, but lives at my mom's house because he probably couldn't have taken the move with me when I got married.

When I got married, my husband gave me my lovely Isabelle (Izzy).  She brought something new though; Izzy was my first solid black cat.  She was found to be quite fertile and a hit with the gentlecats of the neighborhood and soon Midnight, Precious, and Prissy were born.  Of the three of those, Prissy stayed with us and Izzy - our mother, daughter pair of black cats with bright green eyes!  It wasn't long until the chain continued and Patch and Belle were born along with several others.  Patch is another all black cat with a small patch of fur missing by his ear from a fight from his early years.  Belle couldn't be more different.  Belle resembled part cat, part raccoon.  I currently still have Patch...which has become Patchry.  He is the last cat in the line from Izzy...kinda sad when I think about it, but he's adopted a younger calico kitten Skittles as his niece and has been teaching her all she knows.  Skittles recently had 3 adorable kittens and one of those has been claimed... I haven't yet decided if I can part with the other 2...we shall see!



**Edit - check out my virtual PETS... I posted up my real kitties.. let me know what you think! **

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me too!

that's a great story...i've had cats all my life too. its just something about cats that i love...i think wherever i go i'll always have a cat lol

oh definitely! they never stop! :-D

Great story! I hope you'll have the time to share about their antics too sometime.

I have had cats all my life as well....as pets, friends, familiars, and companions...my current group is 3 a male and female stray that chose me to take care of them and the single kitten from their first litter...they are my guardians at night sleeping in a half circle around my bed....and they do the same when I sit at my computer....we all share a mutual respect for each other and share a kind of atachment that two humans could only hope to have<br />
<br />

oooh me too.. I LOVE the cat ears you do! sooo cute! :-D

I've had a cats my entire life and never plan on living life without at least one. ^_^ I just love them!!!