I've Always Loved Cats

I have always loved cats. Presently I have 5 and they are all unique in their own way. My cats are all female and all spayed. I believe if you have pets,you need to be responsible in taking care of them. They are part of my family. I also have a dog and a bird. Everyone gets along which is cool!
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Your cats sound lovely. I have three, two females and one deaf male named Alfie. He is the light of my life, after Jesus and my fiance. I have a lot of light in my life. LOL. I also have pet mice and my cats know they are pets and leave them alone, although Alfie likes to bat at them a bit. If a gray mouse gets in the house it doesn't last long. The usurpers die a slow and painful death. we find them under the coffee table in the living room. In an old house like this you have to have mousers!!!

I have three dogs and an array of rodents. My mum doesn't like cats but I'd love to get one when I move out.

So cute! I like Cats and Dogs...I have been had 3 dogs as I was a boy...

I have one cat his, is max he is full of energy and follows me everywhere. I also volunteer at an animal shelter on the weekends.

I have 3 cats. One is black with one white spot right under his neck and another on his belly.We call him Skyler. The second is an orange cat we call Cooper. This cat weighs 25lbs and looks like Morris. The last one is Abby. She is an all white cat with light brown ears, tail, and a small patch of light brown on her upper back. This cat has the bluest eyes you have ever seen. <br />
<br />
We did have a little rat terrier but it died two days ago.

hello I am new here, I have 4 cats, Tommy, Tiger, Merlin and Juice.. :-) I also have a (Gecko) Lizard , leo and some some fish.. lol , I love my bubbies.. I call them that since there not childern but my husband and I don't have kids yet so in way they are my kids... each of them (My cats and lizard) have their personality, the fish just swim around.. loll <br />
I also write Poems

5 cats and a bird? Good thing they haven't figured out how to eat the bird yet lol just kidding :p I haven't tried taking care of a bird but I imagine the cartoons lol.

Do your 5 cats ever want attention all at the same time? My two love to be petted at the same time.

I own 4 since i got back to southamerica is quite hard now that i am no longer living in Canada anyways they are nice and loving..........and like them a lot

I also have 5 cats that I adore! What amazes me the most is the disparity of their characters........Gizmo is mean and serious, Gidget is sweet and loving, Yoda is a loner, Daphne is a brat cat and Sushi is a mush.

I have three cats. Two are males; one is a female. Pocasso is the youngest. He is 11 months old; and a maine coon cat. Beautiful cat; gray; smooth.<br />
Euclid; male cat; black and white. About 9 years old.<br />
Lucky; female cat; black and white. 11 years old. She keeps me busy by hissing and clawing at the little one; Pocasso.

Nice... I used to love cats until my husband bought me one... grr.

Now you can open a petting zoo. But you should get a goat too, lol.