Loving Cat's

We have lot's of kitties, we have two adult cat's and two 7month old kittens. I have had one of the adult kitties since she was a newborn we name her spazz because when she was a kitten she was a spazz..she would look at you with those huge eyes and knew exactly what you were thinking..we had to put her brother down three years ago i was pregnant at the time with my second daughter..it was so devasting for us since he was special...we had him since he was born his brother died at birth so he was a loner except his mother wich was a stray tame kitty. he had feline lukemia at died at the age of three..very short life for him we loved him so much. One year later we decided to go down to the shelter and get a kitty he was four months old at the time and we named him buddy since he's just a love and follows you around everywhere he is two years old now, spazz doesn't like other kitties she get's kinda cranky in her old age..let's see 6yrs old so she is 42 in cat years..lol. Anyways here about 5months ago my husband was driving home from work he was working out of town at the time just about a hour from us and he seen these kittens playing out of the middle of nowhere..well you know someone abandoned them..he came home and got me and we rescued them..they wouldn't of survived very much longer since they looked like they were starving and thirsty and some kinda animal would of got them..they looked to be around eight weeks i think...we brought them home got them fat and sassy and this nice lady at pet smart is a cat rescuer said she would pay almost all the money to get them fixed and shot's..so the story goes we got them dewormed fixed and shot's when they were old enough..plus they just had there second shot's..i love them to death they are the most lovable kitties..we named the boy sammy and the girl booties..we had another kitty but we gave her away to our boss..we called her princess.

jen3569 jen3569
36-40, F
Oct 3, 2009