before EP closes, I want to write one more thing. I want to say thank you to my 3 departed cats, Claudius, Nicki, and Sam. you three brought me such joy and love that I could never repay you. even in my darkest moments of life, you always made me feel better. I hope somehow in this crazy universe I can see you again, but that's not up to me. take care you three, wherever you are.

love you and miss you.

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I love my cat...even when he knocks over his treat containers at 3am...he's always sweet and knows when I need the comfort of his soft purring. I can always count on coming home from an arduous day of work and know he will be there demanding tuna...but giving me the reward of his soft presence while I settle down to do my school work. Yes, he lays on my book...but what a welcome diversion!

same here

That's so sad. I hesitate to get cats because the saddest part is knowing that one day, they'll have to go.

I feel the same way about my fur babies that have departed. I am sure we will see them again :-) thank you for sharing