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I posted a couple of stories on here, one is under the heading, "I have 5 of my own" and of course one story under " I love cats". I just wanted to thank you all for your kind letters and to let you know my babies are well. Chance is doing great and is happy. He runs through the yard playing a chase game with me and climbs the tree in the front yard. Some folks used to tell me he wouldn't be alive if not for my efforts but I doubted that for some reason. Now I believe they were right. When I see him running and playing it gives me a feeling like no other because here is proof that I have made a difference in the world.

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Thought I would update you all on what has happened lately...I am the one who posted about having 5 cats of my own. Since that time I lost the little red one named Chance a couple of years ago and this year I lost two in March and one last week in the beginning of Sept 2013. I am now down to only one and have no desire to have any more. I am too broken and dead inside to even think about it and cant look at an animal without wondering when it will die and break it's owners heart.

I am so sorry to hear about your losses. It takes time for your heart to heal, and you may change your mind about getting more pets. I was so upset when Cuddles past away that I said I would never get another. Well, I'm eating my words, because at Christmas time I held a tabby kitten that reminded me of Cuddles, and I adopted him immediately. Leo is a little wild man, but the cutest little fellow. I am so glad that I opened my heart and home to him. He is getting along great with the other three cats, so everything is going good. How old were your cats, and how old is the one remaining? I hope all goes well for you. You are a good person, and animal lover. I am sure someday, another furry creature will win your heart. You are in my thoughts. Stay well!

How are your cats doing? I have only 7 now. Fourteen tended to be too much, so we found good homes for the others, and my oldest past away last year. Cuddles was 15 and had some medical issues. She was the cutest Tabbie I had ever seen. My husband and I are going to split soon, and he will be taking four with him. My son and I will keep three and find an apartment that accepts pets. Hope we don't have too much trouble. Hope all is well with you!

I hope your able to find one. I know I'm worried about that. I've been considering getting a divorce but I have four cats. My husband may want one or maybe two, but if he doesnt I dont know how I will have an apartment or house to rent that will let me have that many. And I wont declaw my cats so I know that will be an issue.

Good luck.

Usually places allow you to have two cats, so there are two choices, either your husband takes two cats, or you can find an animal shelter that doesn't put animals down. If you have to, there is always where you can post that your pet needs a home, or post on the billboard at your local grocery store. Like I said, I'm taking 3 cats with me, and I'm only going to tell them I have two. Mine are not declawed either. I just keep buying scratching posts and pray they won't attack the walls. Best to you!

you are a hero....and obviously an outstanding person. *hugs*

It's nice to know I am among other cat lovers. Please don't think I am crazy, but I have 14. They each have their own personalities, and I love them dearly.