Big Orange Long Hair Tabby And I

I have a big orange tabby and his name is Randy. I named him after my best friend in high school but my best friend's name is Renie. Since my cat is a he, so I named him Randy. He was so tiny when I first adopted him. He only literally hid himself in my shoe. Now he is 15 pounds and 15 year old. Hard to find a shoe that big for him to hide. My cat is very independent and not too affectionate. He would only sit on my lap for most 3 minutes. So, I have adopted a puppy. Dogs are so different from cats. This puppy is so attached. My cat used to be very attached too when he was little.
I hope my cat will get along with my puupy one day. The first time I introduced my puppy to Randy, Randy's pupils dilated to the max! It was just like in cartoon characters with their eyes popping out.

TobyWong TobyWong
31-35, M
Feb 11, 2010