My Little Men

I have two cats now (they are not mine but they are my family) Mousey Mouse and Kartlito Kit-tay. Mouser is a standard grey tiger who feels he runs this household (and he does)  then there is Karl ("the rippe"r Karl) who was a runt at birth and has some disabilities (one eye and a crooked tail) but it makes a family.  Karl puts himself away somewhere in the house during the daylight hours, but when he is up (during the night) he calls for "MA" and tears up ****. Mousey is awake as long as there is someone to give him attention. He likes to fight.. I have the scars to show it,  Mouser can also be a lovey Kitty once in a great while. He'll come softening on the nearby blanket and sit to be pet .  I want to introduce another  pet into this household but it won't be easy.  They have accepted dogs but my roomate is supposedly allergic to dogs. I have never seen it. But anyway, another animal will be stimulating to Mouse and Karl.   I am thinking a rabbit...maybe a ferret...can anyone give me advice on this?

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Thanks for the info...A while back my nieghbor was being a dumb*** and shut her indoor cat out the house without food or water. After it came to my window Meowing in the middle of the night, I let it in and fed and watered it (it was COLD OUT). This little female terrorized my two boys. Chasing them and cornering them in weird places. It was obvious this little female wanted to dominate the entire household and it just wouldn't work out. She was really a sweetheart to me though. I gave her back to the nieghbor lady after telling her that if she does this again I would contact the human society, and TAKE it there if I had to. Needless to say, that was the end of a friendship, but that's OK, she was an idiot and shouldn't have pets at all. I absolutely hate people like that. They shouldn't have children either for that matter. Long story short, she gave the cat away, after she shut it out again(she did leave food out for it though) . See she felt she was "punishing" Miracle" (I called her "Merkel".) for getting out and bringing fleas back into the house!! When I confronted her on the anthropomorphesizing, she said it was HER cat and she could do whatever she wanted with it. Geuss that meant shutting it out in the cold with no food water or shelter for three days (that's when I brought it in). It still angers me no end.<br />
The point to this story is I have to get an animal (kitten) that does not feel it is entitled to be queen or king in this new territory. Maybe a very young one. Mousey is really kind of a wimp when a strong personality is introduced... poor baby.

Cats will accept a kitten when they are older or even a puppy. But when we got a rabbit, the cats just ignored it until it came too close, then they would bat it and leave. Only one cat we got as a kitten will have anything to do with the rabbit. As far as ferrets go, take the inquisitive nature of a cat, multiply by 100, add in a 50% stealing, hiding in strange places, trying to run away all the time, sneaky little bugger, and you have a ferret. A ferret can outcat a cat.