If You Have A Kitty In Need Of Prayers And Healing

You can post to this forum and she will pray for the kitty.


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1 Response Feb 19, 2010

Yes my cat was gone all day he almost died a couple of weeks ago due to a cat bite and a horrible bacterial infection that nearly shut down his liver, then my two year old let him out today, I have just recently put him on a harness and a leash but today he got out free, and he's been going back to get revenge on that other cat and just as I saw your post I thought that I should pray for my cat's return I had been waiting since 8:00 am this morning and it's now 7:42pm and just when I say your post I looked behind me and my cat was standing at the door covered in blood, I am feeding him a can of cat food then I will give him a bath and then give him his antibiotics and some peroxide! Can you pray for unrepentant kitties?