I Think Of My Cat As My Child======my Soul Mate

:)i have a cat who i got attach  to really quick . there was something about her  that i like and we bounded  right away and she has the way of getting me smiling not matter what  or what kind of mood I am in. I call hewr my soul mate and  parton for me to say this  she was the most beatiful and still is she needs me as much as I need her in my life . and came into my life when i needed some one to believe in and is alway there for me even when i am in a rather bad mood  and want nothing to do with anyone  around me . i got her a week after i had my first operation after the doctors telling me that I have cancer and a week after I got out of the hospital she came into my life she taugh me something that NO  HUMAN COULD  TEACH ME  in my lifetime . that no matter what she would believe it or not i was really going to beat this cancer and i wasnt going to do it alone. she would be there for me when god put angels on this earth he gave me my cat or as I wish i could her my daughter. i never though i could love my cat do much as I do right here and now

joesdaughter joesdaughter
56-60, F
Feb 21, 2010