Oh Ricky

He has his faults. He doesn't use the litterbox. He poops and pees on the bathroom rug. HE HARRASSES MY DAUGHTER. But he loves me. He climbs up on my chest(sometimes he can't even wait wait until I get under the covers..he's a pushy lover). He kneads my nack and sucks his arm. Oh yes, he's all about sucking his arm. I know it sounds werid, and I bet he's the only cat in the world that does it. He does this when he is happy I guess. I blow in his face, and he sucks. I stroke his paw, and he sucks. The other niht, I was crying and he stroked my face with his paw. I call him "lion" and "beast" and tell him he really belongs in a zoo. But he'd rather be on top of me(oh, hush )

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1 Response Feb 23, 2010

Aww, he seems sweet and spoiled. The paw sucking could be OCD... LOL