The Trouble With Daisy

I have a pure white male non neutered domestic short haired cat. I love my cat Daisy so much, but he's changed for the worse. About three weeks ago he almost died! The vet said that it was most likely from a deep bite wound that had healed over and the bacteria festered, and was shutting down his liver! I had noticed that he wasn't eating or drinking and that his nose was really dry so I sought advice to keep him hydrated and started using a straw to give him some water. That day I took him to the vet and the did an exam and took him to the next room and offered him an injection of antiinflamitories and a two week supply of antibiotics. I was still trying to offer him water through a straw and he just looked so dehydrated so I took him back to the vet the next day and they put him on an IV, gave him another shot for the pain and gave me two syringes of antiinflamatroies and then they noticed that they had a vaccine to help with fighting off bacteria, that was expiring that day so they gave him the shot on the house, I also got him 6 days worth of prescription canned cat food and a few syringes to force feed him and force him to drink. I stayed up with him for two whole nights nursing him back to health and making him eat a teaspoon of his cat food off of my fingers every couple of hours to get his strength up. By his third vet visit he was coming around. I had promised that when I had the money I would get him his shots and get him neutered!

The thing is is that now that he was feeling better, he would sneak out of the house! And get into another fight! He was covered in scratches on his nose and around his eyes and temples, then I tried to keep him strictly inside, even though he meowed and begged and pawed at the door begging to be let out. My two year old then let him out when I wasn't looking through the patio doors!!!! He's an indoor out door cat! What was I supposed to do? Break his spirit and lock him indoors from now on??? No that is cruel so I went to town and bought him 4 harnesses and a leash and a long line so that he could walk around in the back yard! I followed the procedure of getting him used to the harness first and made him sleep with it beside him, then I let him wear it in the house, then I let him outside on a leash! He did very well with that so then I put him on the long line hoping that he would enjoy being outside and yet tied with a comfortable harness on. Next thing I know he's gone! He slipped out of his harness and got into another even worse fight!!!!! That night he bled all night long from his chest! I stayed up with him again but we were broke because my insurance came in and I had to pay that bill first and with it being winter all of our power and gas bills were higher than ever!!! We were broke and didn't have no money to take him in to see the vet again, so I applied pressure to the wound for most of the night! Gave him his antibiotics and just cuddled with him!

Now my cat has a vendetta, as my husband would say a death wish! I just keep on praying to God to save my cat!!!! My husband is complaining about how much the cat is costing us, and now refuses to take him to the vet anymore, I still need to get him some blood work before we get him his shots to see if he's got any feline diseases. Which will cost me $250.00 then I wanted to get him his shots however much that would cost and get him neutered if it will calm him down! I'm at a loss with a husband who would rather just put him down when I want to fight for his life! I must win this fight and do all that I said that I would, it was my birthday yesterday my husband asked if I could take a rain check instead of a spa package I want to get the blood work done and the immunizations and getting him neutered that will be my birthday pressent! I really love my cat! Even if nobody else does, even though I'm really disappointed in his natural tom cat behavior. Cause really it's my cats fault, he's the one leaving to expand his territory in another cats territory with a vengeance! It's not the other cat wondering into our yard.

My son let my cat escape out through the window yesterday and he was out all night, he's got a curfew because the neighbors set out cat traps and I never let my cat out past 9:00pm but he didn't come home last night and we drove around the neighborhood searching for him with no show! My husband found him this morning at 7:00am! I noticed that he was having a seizure in the bathroom which really worried me! My husband gets paid again on Friday I'm taking him into the vet on Monday whether my husband likes it or not! He's not even begging to go out today, he seems really sore, and his legs are all scratched up now, he is moving really slowly, like he's in a lot of pain. I do have some antibiotics left and will finish this pack up this week on schedule, I will only let him out on a leash but I'm afraid to put him on the harness for fear that he's really sore! I hope that he doesn't beg to be let out anymore but that's a bad sign too! He must be too injured and sick to be let out! I will do the best that i can to take care of him until then and if he does want to go out it's with supervision on a harness! He's never been a scrapper before, he's now almost two years old and he's only been like this since he nearly died and now it's all he wants to do is to seek out that cat that nearly took his life and fight over and over again. I feel bad for the owners of the other cat he must be pretty badly beaten up too. It's just hard. I don't like this new big bad kitty side of Daisy.

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The leash and harness is working very well with my cat, now I know where the other cat lives when Daisy goes missing I will now know where to look, it's kind of like raising kids and getting to know where their friends are lol!

He's always had slight tremors, it just seemed more severe where his whole body shook yesterday. I will be taking him in to the vet and having a list ready with all of my observations. My son keeps on letting him out through a window which they punctured a hole through the screen, I try expressing how seriously the cat's been injured but how do you explain that to a two year old, his response is always sorry??! I've put in a lot of time and energy into our beloved cat. Our reasons why we didn't wan't to get him fixed was because he's just so beautiful, if there were going to be kittens they might as well look like him and we have bread him 3 times by people who wanted their females bread. I've always had my males neutered and have never had such a severe problem like this. We did once own a pure black male who was neutered and declawed (my husbands bright idea) When the twins were born and he would get into fights with no defense and there were numerous occassions when I had to pull out claws imbedded in his skin! Now that Daisy has had a taste of being so territorial and such an urge to go out to battle, I need my children to cooperate and not let him out unless we have him on a leash and we are all going on a walk. Daisy has a fever now, and I'm giving him the remaining antibiotics in hopes that it will help until Monday when I will have money! Ugh winter bills suck otherwise I would have had enough to take him in now!

I wish I could tell you more than you've already said. You've already got it in your mind to test him for diseases and get him neutered, and those are the first two things any vet or cat behavioral specialist is going to tell you in this situation. Quite honestly, he should have been neutered by 5 months of age, and you could very possibly have avoided all aggression-- but what's done is done and it's better to do it late than never. At least now you know how bad a tom kitty can really behave. Don't take offense; I'm not chastising you! I know how very difficult it can be to find the money, especially with a spouse who doesn't quite get it. It's just unfortunate that Daisy has to pay the price. He will probably always be a little more aggressive than a tom that was neutered before puberty went into full swing, but even now it will help to calm him down and suppress those urges to roam and fight after a month or so once his hormones level out. You're doing well so far. <br />
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As far as the seizure goes, I don't know what to say. I only know of 3 things that cause seizures in cats. 1- hereditary neurological disorders that cause seizures. I don't think this is it, since you would have seen them before now. 2-- the infection has gone to his brain, causing swelling which is causing his seizure. I hope this isn't it. 3-- did you put flea drops on him? If he ingested flea drops, those often cause seizures. <br />
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With that said, I'm not a vet. I'm just speaking from my experiences of owning cats all my life, and volunteering at a vet's office and with the humane society. I hope Daisy-boy recovers soon, and that you're able to get him to a vet on time. My best wishes to you and to the poor kitty. Feel free to update me or ask me any other questions via private message if you feel the need. Again, best wishes.

I just came back in with my cat and two youngest kids from a walk, he did so well on a harness and leash! He led the way to three houses! Then I noticed that he was going to take a leak! I picked him up and he wasn't going pee nooo he was spraying! And he sprayed on my leg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yuk I just threw my coat and pants in the wash, with extra fabric softener, had a shower with lot's of soap and gave the cat a bath! Gerrrrrrr! Now I can smell it in the house can we say fabreeze!!!!!!!!! Bad kitty! Now the kids are upset that we cut our walk short.