I've grown up having cats most of my life & my parents still have 2. I just unfortunately lost my cat of 10 years to Cancer & it's the hardest thing imaginable. He was more like a son than a cat. Any advice on how to cope? I can't stop feeling guilty, hoping he's not mad at me and most importantly hoping he's happy, ok and loves & misses me.

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You can expect the grief to hit you in waves like losing a human member of the family..... though I grieve more for my cats than humans.<br />
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My sister recently lost her cat, he was killed by a *hoon in a car*<br />
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About six weeks after he died, we were passing a pet shop and she suggested to go in and *hug* a kitten.... she was missing his hugs. Well there was this little girl who literally screeched out for my sister to pick her up and .... well it was love at first sight and she came home with us. This little kitty has so much love to give, she has even found the gentler side of my brood !