Protecting Daisy!

I was having such a difficult time with my cat Daisy, he's been getting into fights with another cat now for the last month!. Some of the first bite wounds were so bad that they nearly took his life! I nursed him back to health along with a few vet visits, and after that he turned into a kitty with a vendetta! I looked around town to pet stores and dollar stores looking for a harnes and leash. I bought 4 of them and returned the one from the pet store cause it cost $20 while the same even nicer harnesses were sold for only $2.50 at the dollar store huh go figure! I adjusted his harnesses for a good fit and now I alternate between two of them. He took so well to the concept of the harness and leash really like he is no different than a dog lol! I did take it slow at first, I would put the harnesses where he liked to sleep, and then when he was used to them I put them on him and let him walk around the house with it, yes at first he just wanted to lay down like a rag doll but it didn't take long when he decided to walk with it on, then I added the leash, and let Daisy lead the way! He's a pro at it now and he led me down to the house where the cat that he's been scrapping with lives!!! Now whenever he sneaks out of the house I will know where to go! I may not always be able to keep my cat in the house, but when I do, I like to treat him to a walk on the leash, and lot's of praise, he's doing so much better now. It may not work for everyone, but if you have a Tom that likes to get into fights and you want to have a little bit more control over his well being I would strongly recommend a harness and a leash!

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2 Responses Mar 2, 2010

Yeah everybody was telling me that they've seen him scrap with a black and white cat and yesterday when he led me to his rivals house sure enough the other cat was their on the steps.

This is a really good idea! While my cats are indoor-only, I'd never have thought of this. I can't believe I hadn't since my ferret has a harness and leash! If I can get them used to it, I'm sure they'd love to take a nice walk and get some fresh air. This way they get to see the world they're living in, get more fresh air than they do sitting in the windows, and get more excersize! This is just a win-win all the way around. And no more kitty boo-boo worries for you! Thanks for the tip! Btw, exra points to you= you let him lead you to his rivals home! Clever! Hehe. Too funny. I love it!