A Weird Cat For Ya! (cute Pics Included)

Here's our kitty Biff when he was just a little rugrat

Here he is a grown adult, fat, lazy kitty with a round charlie brown head, a hunched back(cant see in pic), and a short stubby tail.

We don't have any up to date pictures of him, but he currently now is super skinny because he has been going outside a lot bc he loves to be outside I guess.....although he may come back with a couple battle scars here and there from other cats....which tends to worry us a bit but not much we can do since he pretty much choice to be indoor and outdoor cat. He's just weird bc of how he looks and he constantly talks, eats, and is best friends with our siberian husky.

Oh and just because its cute....here's a picture of Biff's mommy holding his sister, Lucy(who we gave to a friend bc she was too hyperactive and crazy while Biff is a mellow, laid back cat.)

its been almost 3 years since they've been cute little kittens and sadly the mommy  went bye-bye :(


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Awww that's the sweetest : Mommy is actually holding her baby kitty! Awww this has so warmed my aching heart......Thank you for sharing your story. Isn't it amazing how fast they grow and how much they change? Yet the core of their personalities (usually!) remain the same. Your "Biff" is beautiful! He looks somewhat like my old cat "Kodi." He was a Russian Blue....You are right to be concerned about his cat battles though, Toms can sometimes escape these battles with life threatening wounds. You also mentioned that you don't have any current photos of him and that he's "super skinny." Are you exagerating when saying"super-skinny?" or is that accurate? He shouldn't be extremely underweight or emaciated just because he goes outside. It sounds like he may need to see a vet. You don't speak of any ailments nor any vet visits? Also, I wanted to point out that you're the owner! The choice is yours to allow him to be an indoor/outdoor cat. I know how difficult a decision this can be. I'm all for them getting plenty of fresh air and excersize, not smoking cigarettes in the house when they're there..all of it..etc. But rule of thumb: safety first! I know of wonderful member who had similar problems with her cat sneaking out and getting into some nasty even dangerous fights. She got him a harness and it sounds as though he's adjusted and is doing quite well now. Of course, she spent a lot of time working with him, slowly introducing him until he was comfortable enough to take her for a stroll! Lol! But she's done a great job and infact (just my opinion) may have saved his life as well as her peace of mind in the process! Just some things to think about. Don't want anything to happen to the adorable, furry little guy! *hugz*