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March 8, 2010  

Robin says: My best friend is a vet tech and happened to live in a neighborhood with a lot of stray cats. One day she found our little Enid -- just hours old, laying on the sidewalk. She brought the kitten inside and things did not look good -- we were pretty sure that she was going to die. We did everything we could to save her, giving her fluids, keeping her warm.... and she just kept on hanging on to life. We started giving her around-the-clock care, while also trying to be realistic about her chances of survival. We didn't want to name her because we were trying not to get attached, but of course we fell in love with her. And luckily she survived! Her name is Enid, and she's quite a hellion. (Don't fall for that innocent, cute look she had as a kitten!)

All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Robin DeGrassi James

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2 Responses Mar 8, 2010

Look at those big eyes! She is sooooo cute! I would have done the same.

I love cats too and she really is cuteeee

i love it :) what a cute kitty!