:d They Are So Cute!

Hahaha, cats are so super-cute. I love cats! I like both cats and dogs. And hamsters. And pretty much all furry animals, but I think that mice and rats are gross. We can't keep a cat in our house though, as my mom doesn't want us to...because she says cat **** is smelly. So although cats are relatively clean, because they are so smelly, we can't keep one. Plus, they shed all over, and they might scratch the leather couch, then my mom would go ballistic. So, yup! I am stuck with cooing over my friends'/family members'/stray cats! :D

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2 Responses Mar 10, 2010

I hope you can get one of your own some day. Some little stray kitty or one in animal shelter is just waiting for someone like you to come save him or her so you can give each other lots of love and friendship.

maybe one day, you can have one of your own, i fell in love with my cat, i had never had one, my<br />
husband passed away 1.5 yrs ago, it was an unexpected and untimely death., i was left at 43 yrs<br />
old with our two teenagers, my daughter and son. 1.5 months after my husband passed we decided<br />
to adopt a cat from the animal shelter, he was 4 months old.... june 25,2010 he will be 2 yrs. old, he<br />
is the cutest, most adorable, gentle giant, loyal cat in the world. i love him so much, my kids adore <br />
him, he is gray and white, so,so, cute....txs for sharing your story connie and teens