Our Cats



    Both of our cats have very interesting stories.........When we first adopted our first cat she was from the S .P. C., A..  It was a year after we got married I just loved cats we adopted our first kitten and named her Tabitha. from the 60's show Bewitch.  She was with us for 20 years until she passed away.  And before she passed away we adopted our second cat  a male cat my husband had brought him home from work one day, because one of his co-workers had been killed in a car accident. He had just adopted a male cat before his tragic accident. And my husband's boss if we would like to have a kitten my husband gladly accepted.  him and named him Sam.  About a year later our oldest cat died and I was with her when she passed away at the animal hospital.  Then after only 6 months my husband found a litter of kitten in a card board box.  Apparently the mother was a stray cat who had abandoned her kittens maybe to search for food, but when my husband came across the kittens their eyes barely opened he took them back to his work.  About a month later, my husband brought one of the kittens home. This kitten was only 4 weeks old and a male kitten.  We named him Max. I became his adopted mother that bottled feed him and cleaned up after him.  And now he is 8 years old.  He still attached to me he comes and sits with me everyday.     

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Mar 13, 2010