Not Really My Cat

When I was little we lived in an older neighborhood with beautiful homes everyone knew each other and the front porches always had rocking chairs.

A few older ladies lived alone one had lot of cat. Cats were not allowed in our home as allergies ran high when they were around. My Mother did not trust them around babies.

The neighbor to right  across the alley was a butcher. He usually came come around 5 with his apron in his hand to be washed for the next day I suppose. Three door down in the same street was and elderly lady who became ill. She had lots of cats. When she fell ill she did not have someone feeding cats. She took in lot of cats. to the point it was not healthy. One evening the butcher came home the cats were on the roof and pounced on top of him. His screaming brought out other neighbors who helped to get the cats off of him.

My Sister was bitten by a cat (wild) the lady next door fed. She had to get rabies shots.

I saved a cat from the sewer I climbed down and could only go so far I was afraid. I was 8yrs old. The sewer people guess it was a city worker was called and he got the kitten out for me. My Mother never knew I climbed down there to get the kitten. I gave it to a older lady who had just lost her husband. She called him golden boy after she cleaned him up.

I never really trusted cats after the butcher thing though my husband had a cat he loved very much. The cat and I just endured each other.

Kit-Kat would urinate on my clothes to show me did not like me.  I poured  a cup of my urine in to his litter box and he never urinated on any clothes again.  (I know I am strange but this worked and he was ruining coats and my husband did not want to have him fixed.)

When my husband grew ill from cancer the cat was getting well into his teens 17yrs old. He was a long haired cat and needed brushed . But since he was only handled by my husband he did not get brushed. The family referred to this cat as katzilla.

When my husband came home from the hospital the cat wanted to lay beside him. I could not let that happen until had him groomed.I put him in a box not an easy task and took him to a groomer at a national pet store. He was good as gold while the first hour went by but then had enough of it and they had to put a collar and gloves on him. They would groom him a while then let him calm down then groom some more.  When they were finished with kitkat he look like he had a lion cut. Everyone that saw him laughed except my husband at first. Kitkat respect for me grew because the long hair and mats really hurt him. Now he was able to lay on his side. He like going outside until we moved out in the country.

He was king of the neighborhood  walking on top of fences taunting the neighbor dogs. Fighting with other cats he was a big lean cat.

Once to my surprise I was sitting watching TV and kitkat came in the breezeway (he could open the screen door) He allowed small tiger gray cat to come in and eat his food. To my amazement he stood watching the small cat (who's head looked bigger than it)  eat his food. I did not inter fer with this just watched. This went on for over a week Kitkat  letting the other cat eat his food. My husband never saw him do this for some reason maybe the time of day but we discussed it. Well into the second week of Kitkat feeding the little cat ,The door opened to the screened breezeway a cat came in. Kitkat was sitting in my husband chair I was watching TV. A Large gold striped cat walked right in to the house and started to eat Kitkats food. It was his arch enemy.  I saw the cat about the same time Kitkat did. It was on then cat fight in our small living space. I was afraid of cats because of the above things that had happened in my life. I started screaming for my husband who was asleep as his day started early.  He took the broom and shooed them out into the yard. It the fight was over shortly with Kitkat the victorious.

When we moved to the country we had built a house for the pleasure of my husband to use his airplane out our back door.

Kitkat was not a happy cat and it was because of cows. I planted flowers and bulbs the neighbors cows got out and came to our house to my garden and surround the house eating flowers. The cat saw them and would not come down stairs for almost a year.

When Kitkat had his haircut it took about 3 months to grow out. When he died he was at the foot of my bed. My husband who loved him so was in the living room always due to his illness and was dieing himself slowly.  I found him when I woke and had to tell my very ill husband his beloved cat died. It hurt to tell him that when he was so weak himself. 

I still do not like cats/ I like their pictures and friends cats but I never want to own one. I don't like the purr or their tongue or how they decide to train you.

I do not trust them.

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56-60, F
Mar 14, 2010