I Dont Know What My Cat Is Lol

When I got my precious kitty at the age of two weeks, she was a beautiful chocolate pointed cat with sky blue eyes named Nina. I could have SWORN she was a Siamese Cat. Now she is six years old, very healthy and happy might I add. Now her coat is an elegant dark brown. I was thinking.. "Did she become a Havana Brown!?" lol, but Havana's have brown whiskers too and My cat has creamy whiskers. So from a Siamese, she became a Havana LOL. But the funny thing is, sometimes her fur becomes lighter colored and her pointed marks stay dark, so somedays she looks like a Havana and other times she looks Siamese. Her bone structure doesnt match a Siamese nor a Havana Brown....so what is she!? She changes colors when she sleeps on a brown blanket, or a cream blanket. Its so wierd!! LOL i love her :3

Kitzuney Kitzuney
18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 15, 2010

Please post a photo of this unusual kitty, I would love to oo and rr over her.

Honetly it sounds very interesting. I would like to hear more about your,baby cat. Hugs, LW