Celtic Woman Forever

I've been a huge Celtic Woman fan since October of 2008, when I saw a commercial on TV, selling their "The Greatest Journey" CD!  I became so interested in them, and started listening to their music, reading about them, and learning more about the individual members.  I became hooked really quickly!

Celtic Woman has been a huge inspiration to me.  I love music.  I love to sing, and I love to write stories.  As far as singing goes, Celtic Woman really helped me with that.  I started learning and singing their songs, and that really widened my vocal range, and made my voice a lot stronger.  As for writing, I love to write emotional stories, hoping to make a difference in someone's life.  Celtic Woman has really helped me write stronger stories, because I've gotten many ideas from them, their music, and the beautiful people they are.

They have really helped me through some tough times as well.  Whenever I felt stressed, scared, hurt, sad, or sick, they really made me feel better.  I have Asperger's Syndrome, which is a form of Autism, and I also have a visual impairment.  That's two disabilities, and a lot of times, people don't understand me.  They don't know how hard it is on me.  They tell me to be strong and put a smile on my face, even when things are really crappy, but they don't know what I'm feeling inside.  They don't know what it's like for me.  I'm not that strong.  I'm not the kind of person who can put on a fake smile and act like everything's fine, when inside I'm falling apart.  I can't hide my feelings that easily.  Believe me.  I have tried to fake a smile, just so people would get off my back, and I would finally be accepted.  Well, Celtic Woman made me feel differently.  They made me feel loved and accepted, despite my flaws and disabilities.  It's like they're holding my hand through it all, and saying, "You don't have to hide who you are with us, Tiffany.  We love and accept all our fans no matter what."  They make me feel safe.

I was even lucky enough to meet three of them!  My mom works for PBS, so she was able to pull some strings for me.  I met Lisa Kelly at the Blue RIdge PBS Studio, and she was sooo nice to me!  I felt so loved when I was talking to her!  I even got to sing for her, and she really loved my singing, which meant a lot to me.  She even hugged me a few times!  She also said she wanted me to meet Chloe Agnew at a Meet & Greet, so I got a Meet & Greet for free because of her!  About a week later, I went to Jim Brickman's "Beautiful World" Holiday concert with Orla Fallon!  It was amazing, and at the end, I got to meet Jim and Orla!  They were both amazing, and I felt like I was in heaven when I met them!  I even got a hug from Orla!!!  Orla was amazing with Celtic Woman, and she's also an amazing soloist!  I also think she and Jim made a great team, because the concert rocked!  Meeting Chloe was awesome!  She and Lisa were both at the Meet & Greet, so I got to see Lisa again, which was a real treat!  Wow, Chloe was so sweet!  She said she knew who I was!  She'd seen my videos on YouTube.  I know that, because she said her favorite song I sang was "Wind Beneath My Wings."  She said I was a beautiful person.  That really touched me, because a lot of times, I don't feel beautiful.  I feel flawed and screwed up, but Chloe and Lisa didn't see me like that.  At the end, I got a hug from both Chloe and Lisa, and a kiss on the cheek from Chloe!

I really hope I get to see them again.  I've been to two concerts of theirs--the second one being the one I got to meet them after.  I would love to see them again, both in concert, and I would love to speak to them again.  I would love to meet the rest of the girls someday--Lynn Hilary, Alex Sharpe, Hayley Westenra, Deirdre Shannon, Meav Ni Mhaolchatha, and Mairead Nesbitt--not because they're famous celebrities, but because they're amazing people who have made a huge difference in my life!

I have a big dream that I don't think will come true.  Yes, I would love to become a singer, and I'm working hard at that.  That's not all of it, though.  I would love to sing with Celtic Woman someday.  I always like to fantasize what it would be like touring with them, singing with them, making a DVD/CD with them, and being with them on a dailey basis.  I like to imagine being hotel roommates with Chloe (or any of them for that matter).  I don't think that will ever happen, because who joins the group is up to them and David Downes.  Still, it's fun to dream about it.

Celtic Woman is the best!!!  They're my heroes!!!
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Got introduced to their music a few years ago and have loved them ever since. I also kind of developed a crush on Chloe.

Very inspiring story, I like it

Love your story have worked with people who are autistic in varying degrees both adult and children and the one thing they all responded to was music. Last night saw a programme called autistic superstars. I t was about people with various talents who are autistic. A boy who can play any request on the piano note perfect from classic to pop, a phenomenal 11year old drummer, an outstanding teenage blues guitarist a teenage girl singer and a very talented artist. I used to take a young boy to a specialist school and it was always very difficult to get him to go home on a weekend or get him out of the car when we arrived home. That all changed when i played him the harmonica. So I bought him one and i was able to communicate for the first time by playing him tunes which he soon learned to master. This was the only way we interacted. I would have liked more time but he turned 18 and had to go to an adult project and we lost contact