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These Ladies Can Really Sing!

The orginal mebers were Chloe Agnew,Lisa Kelly,Orla Fallon,and Meav Ni Mhaolcatha.I first saw these ladies on St.Patrick's Day on a PBS TV special a few years back.Angelic voices.They were live at The Helix Center in Dublin,Ireland.Meav has left the group now to sing on her own.But they have a new member Haliey Westrenra who hails from New Zealand.I would love to see the group in person next time they come to Minneapolis.I have a couple of favorites that they perform.Oh shoot I forgot Mairead Nesbitt who plays the fiddle in the group.How could I forget her,lol! When she plays Ashokan Farewell it makes me cry like a baby!

irishknight1973 irishknight1973 36-40, M 3 Responses Mar 3, 2009

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Celtic Thunder is better.

They will be in concert near me in June and I'm considering going but hate to go alone.

they sound wonderful!