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Is It Wrong?

Is it wrong to enjoy going to cemeteries to think?
To contemplate?
Cemeteries are some of the most peaceful places on this earthly plane, and I'm fond of spending long, hazy summer afternoons leaning up against a tree in meditation or perhaps napping.
I enjoy looking at the art on the tombstones, or wandering through the grass and surrounding area, reading the inscriptions on the stones.
I don't find it weird, as others might.
I could have the worst day of my life, and sitting in my own bedroom would not be as calming to me as sitting in the grass, behind the gates of whatever cemetery I've wandered into.
spacehyena spacehyena 18-21, F 2 Responses Jan 29, 2012

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No I still go to cemeteries instead of the park. It's just like the park except quiet and beautiful with no children or dog poop. People give me a funny look sometimes as I walk if they are there dumping flowers on people's graves, but it doesn't concern me. Nor am I alone in this, I see cute old couples holding hands walking through there too, or people riding their bikes. I think as a recreational spot, it's mainly reserved for those of us that have gotten over the stigma of death. Enjoy yourself :)

i to spend time in cemeterys in the uk its some of the best places to <br />
watch wildlife<br />
i just love them