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I googled my Dad's name about 4 years ago to see if any of his military or other records were listed online. Up pops his headstone! It's on a site called findagrave.com. Since then I have found a couple more friends and relatives. The people that take the pictures will sign them over to you and you can add photos and a bio. You and others can also leave virtual flowers or momentos.  The site is completely free and a lot of people around the world use it for genealogy. I've also found two cousins I didn't know I had that are alive. You can also type in your zip code and offer to take pictures for people that request them. You can also request photos. All in all it's a great site if you enjoy cemetaries and/or genealogy.
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About to check it out!

it said its free for just a few days ? is that right ? and there are maybe 7 different find a grave sites

http://www.findagrave.com/index.html<br />
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You will need to register like on this site to post any memorials. Hope this helps.

could u put the link here

i tried to find it and it was not free...

What are they asking you to pay for? If you want to "sponser" a memorial you have the option pay five dollars. All this does is remove the ads and list you as the sponser. It's free to create or transfer memorials. I just created one and had my Aunts transfered over to me. If you don't sponser your memorial I think you are limited to 3 or 4 pictures also but it is a free site. Complete strangers have even sponsered a couple of my memorials and it just shows their name at the bottom and removes the ad banner at the top and sides. Been a member since 2008.

Awesome ! I did not know about this site . Thanks so much for sharing !