The Dead Lands

I enjoy hanging out in cemetaries. Day or night. I love photographing them. I enjoy Orb Catching at night, and sometimes durring the day. Having the natural abilities that I do, when I lay ontop of a grave I can sense things and even hear that person or get flashes of them and their life or death.

Some of my favorite AP shots are in cemetaries. I was once a Satellite Tech and traveled alot installing them. Everytime I saw a cemetary I had to stop and take pics after spending some time there. I have photos at cemetaries in Kentucky, Nebraska, North Carolina, Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, and more! I love them! I enjoy having picnics in cemetaries. Ritual are also great there. Just fun no matter why I'm there!
FellidayaFiresong FellidayaFiresong
36-40, F
Jul 23, 2012