The cereals that I'm into are Cornflakes, Honeycomb and Frosted FlakesEvery time, I have cereals, I need to add Chocolate Quick in my milk.

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Michelle56: Your missing something spectacular, lol...Kidding. ;) I guess in America, they didn't sell much of it. It is sad for the people who really liked "Just Right".<br />
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Michellewois: Don't say no more...Wow, I'm drooling...I never tried it but it seems awesome...Yum.

When I have one of my "NEED CHOCOLATE" moments, I love the syrup on chocolate chip ice cream. If I get a bit goofie, I'll sprinkle cornflakes on the ice cream.

Michelle56: I can imagine mucltigrain cheerios with chocolate milk, yum, lol....Try giving it a try, you might like it. :)<br />
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Michellewhois: I guess, we both have the same taste :) I never tried the syrup on my cereals, I use the powder from Nestle Nesquick. I'm pretty sure, they are both very good. I, sometime use the Hershey's syrup on vanilla ice cream, it gives a little pizazz.

I have tried the mulitgrain cheerios and chocolate milk and have it several times a month. I also like Hersey's syrup on my cornflakes. YUMMMMMM!

Yeah, chocolate in my cereals, lol...I heard of Coco Pops and never tried it though...I think they will be my next cereals on my list, thanks for bringing it up. :))

Hi my beautiful Michelle :) Yes, I do add chocolate quick to my cereals. I also love chocolate milk either hot or cold. Yum yum.

Hi DJ :) Oh my gosh, I didn't know there was chocolate frosted flakes and/or chocolate lucky charms. This is definitely something I have to try. I believe you when you say it is good. I already have a watery mouth, lol...Thanks for telling me. :)