It Gave Me A Little Life In My Dead Time

I've had a really hard time these last few days, dying is hard but I am at the moment living in my Priest /cult house. I am a member of a satanic/vampiristic cult where blood plays a big part. Last night my Lord asked me to join him in a ritual, he told me it would hurt but I would enjoy it. I have problem with moving and am in extreme pain so they had to carry me to the living room I guess you'd call it. They placed me on the symbol that was prepared. My Priest stood above me with a knife, he let his blood fall on to me, my vision got a bit lighter and blurry as the drops fell on me. He bent down and putted the knife to my skin but as its sliced to my skin he looked in to my eyes and I was swallowed by them. I can't describe the feeling but my pain was gone, all gone for once in my life, everything was silent, the humming from the people around us were distant. I had a moment of peace... I woke up in my bed and I had a upside down cross cut down my chest and over my ribs... All worth it
NoatoNoaki NoatoNoaki
18-21, M
2 Responses Jan 5, 2012

Does that mean the cross looks right-side up when you look down at it?

slightly but no, the downside is much wider with out crosses so I tell the difference easily an I mostly just see an + really

Noa...I am so very, very worried.


Something about you being butchered alive just doesn't make me feel very good.

felt good to me