Kite Flying

 kite flying is a popular common ritual  to celebrate Spring in all of Asia from Japan to Malaysia to Arab lands'

In Hindu India, the kite is a symbol of Hope and joy, so flying kites is associated with  various Hindu festivals, but in Pakistan it is merely a celebration of spring and joy.

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Oh boy! <br />
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Mother, don't worry about daft folk - there is plenty more where they come from!<br />
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I love flying all kinds of kites but best of are the ones that take me through the clouds and far away ...

You're most welcome, Mother.

Oh sure, Missy. Stir up a bee's nest and then want to talk about kites.

Can we please talk about the joy of kites?

Beg your pardon, resident? Are you saying I am insincere?<br />
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You are a wonderful breath of fresh air, Mother!

Oh dear

Lol!!<br />
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No ! I think you are wonderful <br />
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My fav book and film

When I read The Kite Runner I was astounded to learn that they glue pieces of glass to the kite strings in order to cut loose the kites of their opponents and end up cutting their own fingers as well!

Ofcourse .. <br />
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* smiles sweetly *