Incense Burning


Incense burning  is a method of purifying the surroundings.

In some parts of the world, families celebrate different special occasions by feasting and burning traditional incense.

Asian families, especially the Japanese and the Chinese are so fond with incense that some of their celebrations can not be considered as complete without the ritual of burning the traditional incense



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uch better and nicer than the spray deoderants

We have pots too,put eucalyptus oils,very found of many essential oils.Have books on subject one I use like a bible "The Fragrant mind,"aromatherapy for personality,mind,mood,and Valerie Ann Wormwood..also study natural healing techniques.Of all cultures..<br />
1 essential oil I wear is ceder oil,so earthy .. :o)

Yes .. thats the one datura .. old hippy!


Oh yes the smell of .. ? cant remember the name but it was very popular at college

Hehe .. Cool Gran!<br />
<br />
Can't see my Grandmother doing that ... she would be opening windows and spraying some kind of revolting 'air freshner' spray all round the place ..

i have a physical problem. my chest closes when they use of during the mass. I then have to step out for fresh air and so a miss a piece of the ceremony. i can step back in when it dissipates.<br />
<br />

I couldn't agree more.

I know what you mean Tasmin -- the scnet of unhappiness and great vulnerability.

I feel the same NANSELTAR it makes it more special and atmospheric<br />
<br />
The scent from the incense in Church would remind me of a very unhappy period juan

I burn incense, too. It is so connected with cleansing, prayer, meditation and ceremony that I have only to get the first whiff and I am immediatey "connected" spiritually. I also consider it an offering, like people did in ancient times, when incense was so expensive it was considered a worthy gift for the gods. I think it can't hurt if my prayers are accompanied by a lovely fragrance!

The Catholic Church has a very distinct brand of insense that it burns ceremoniously during solemn moments, like the funeral mass.<br />
<br />
The very scent of it takes me to a state of deep contemplation.

Hmm .. yes but that has a particular smell that I never use <br />
<br />
I like the fruit (peach, orange, lemon) and musk best

the rc church used to burn it during the mass. i fact , so did the anglicans.<br />
<br />

I have little pots of them all over the house .. don't use any kind of perfume sprays

Lovely!<br />
<br />
Sandalwood is another that I love.

I am burning some now .. orange blossom!

Many times I burn incense with a certain intention--purification, healing, carrying a prayer. Rituals have meaning because of our intention.