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Being a bisexual female that has been in a long term relationship with my girlfriend, I have been on both end of CFNF moments. Anything from walking in on eachother, losing bets, losing dares, or doing some RP stuff that we like to do. I just decided that with the CFNM, and CMNF groups, it wasn't fair that we didn;t have one for us CFNF bisexual and lesbian females out there ! Straight females who have had a CFNF are also welcomed to post their experiences also !
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Wonderful idea, and a great story, too!

I hope to be as free as you. I do love skinny dipping. Best time in Germany, clothing optional indoor pool. I need to find a place where clothing is optional near where I live. Not as easy as it sounds. Thanks for sharing your story.

Generally speaking, if I am naked in a public setting, I'm either drunk, lost a bet / dare, or both ! LOL

So much fun !

I'm naked and ready for a party now hunni! hehe! ;)

Woohoo ! Just the way I like it breezy !<br />
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CFNF may not be as popular as CFNM or, CMNF, but it does have it's own little following.<br />
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It stands for Clothed Female / Nude Female

what is Cfnf?

I'll leave my clothes at home..okay? hehe! :)