Examined By Females

A long time ago my mom signed up my sister and i for a clinical trial of a vaccine for school-age children. i was 10 years, my sister was 13. Everybody got a series of three shots over a period of several months at a public health clinic set up in a school gym. Some got injected with the vaccine and some got a placebo. We had to get weighed and examined each time we went so we all had to get completely undressed. My sister was developing breasts and my mom let my sister keep her panties on and sent her with the nurse. She undressed me completely and took me to be examined. There were portable privacy screens set up around the exam tables but I could see the nurse and doctor examining my sister lying on the table with her panties off and her legs spread in frog-leg position. The nurse hurried me to the scales but I could still see both another girl and my sister getting pelvic exams. My sister cried when she got her shot and then I panicked. I had such a tantrum, mother pulled my arms behind my back and slipped a pillow case over my arms and laid me down on the exam table. My arms were restrained by the pillowcase and I felt so helpless and vulnerable and terrified. The nurse tried to console me and softly massaged my legs and belly to soothe me. While Mom held my legs up, the nurse took my rectal temperature and continued to massage my legs softly brushing against my penis and testicles. I didn't't know then, but I know now I was aroused and had an erection. This began my fascination with medical exams. Mother scheduled our check-ups with a female pediatrician for my sister's pelvic exams and pap smears so I was always examined by a female doctor or a pediatric nurse practitioner. I fondly recall the anticipation of each genital exam and subsequent erections.  
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An enjoyable story! Thank you for sharing it!