A Living Twister Board!

Happy new year to all my EP friends! Sorry for the delay but got a couple of stories to share with you all and pics to post too from some shenanigans over the festive period. Firstly I must tell you of the wonderful event my gf Cara and I put on for a new years eve burlesque party. There were a number of different acts that had been coordinated through the uni and we'd seen ads on fb and stuff asking if anyone had any ideas or would like to perform. I'd had the idea of a live twister board in my head for a while and togeher with Cara, one of the dancers we roped in 4 models who agreed to do it.

Cara is very confident and much better than me at the MC type of thing so she was going to be the presenter, my role was simply to prep the models, with the help of a couple of mates from the art dept, and work the spinner. The set up was beautiful, 2 guys (my good friend Simon, and Pierre) and 2 girls (Nona and Erin) who would agree to lie flat out, naked, with twister spots painted strategically on their bodies whilst volunteers from the crowd would play out a game of twister on them!

Backstage me and the girls worked on the models, Simon was green, Pierre yellow, Nona blue and Erin red. We painted their faces, chest, stomach, genitals, knees and feet with a circle of bodypaint, this would be were our lucky volunteers would place their hands and feet, I was giddy at the thought. I joked with Simon as I painted him, he admitted his heart was racing, he got a nice semi as I dabbed the paint over his penis and balls, I could tell he liked it! He's been doing things like this for a while with me- (I've mentioned him before and posted a couple of pics), so he is pretty comfortable now with being naked in front of people, he can normally control himself quite well, this was a bit different though, a lot of touching would be involved! Pierre was so nervous, he was a model who done a lot of nude stuff but always in a formal setting, this was new ground for him- a fairly wild night of merryment, alcohol and burlesque entertainment- he was very worried about what he considered the inevitable full blown hard on! simon did his best to reassure him. Nona and Erin were both cool, I was a little jealous of them to be honest as I kinda fancied trying it myself, maybe one day!

A space was cleared for us among the tables and the models were sneaked out under a blanket and took up their positions on the floor, Cara then introduced the game to hilarity and huge applause and had no trouble getting volunteers from the audience, mostly girls. I sat over Simon fixated on how great he looked, a little flustered, a litte excited- he was so sexy, his exposed green painted penis looked so pretty! It must have been a great feeling for the models knowing strangers were about to climb over their naked bodies, I could certainly feel the eroticism of the event.

We ended up with 4 volunteers, all girls, only one I recognised from the uni- the others I assumed were mates of mates or whatever. Cara instructed them to take their shoes off (couldn't have high heels climbing on the poor boys now!) and we were ready to begin. Right hand blue was the first contestant- it was so exciting to be underway.

the third contestant, I think her name was leah, wore a short black dress with a pair of opaque red tights. I know Simon has a bit of a nylon foot fetish so I thought I'd fix this one for him- left foot green I shouted, sadly she opted for his chest! The fourth girl was also wearing tights- I thought I'd save her for a bit later though so she ended up with a hand on Pierre's face.

The next couple of turns passed and soon the girls each had a couple of limbs on the board, they had been very deliberate not to touch the boys penises which was disappointing and Cara noticed it too- She drummed up enough fervour from the crowd to suggest that the genital are really needed some focus- the crowd seemed to agree! Our brave models all smiled nervously.

Leah's turn came up again- right foot green I exclaimed! This time we got the result we wanted, she now had her legs spread across Simons body exposing the gusset of her tights from beneath her very short dress and nestling her nyloned toes snug against Simons goods! Cara led the excitement of the crowd, Simon laughed- he looked at me knowing I'd fixed it!

The game continued and we introduced more and more volunteers until our poor models were covered with a tangle of drunken girls from the crowd- legs, feet, hands all over the place and all inhibitions had now gone. One of the girls didn't hold back at all in grabbing Pierres balls as right hand yellow was called out- Simon, already with a lot of coverage got a nice treat when the other girl wearing tights also placed her foot on his penis- this must have been a treat for the man, two nice young girls with short skirts and tights rubbing their feet against his groin- sadly he hadnt reacted too much, a little twitch but no more than a fleeting semi. Pierre on the other hand, go knows what that girl was playing at but her hand had certainly done the trick, the man was at half mast and getting bigger. We figured this was probably the best time to end the show- we declared a winner and got a round of applause for our models- Pierre now covering himself as he waved to the crowd.

Unfortunately we were the only act throughout the evening to partake in any sort of cfnm, but it was a special one- a little fantasy of mine that had been knocking about my head for a while, Simon and I had a lovely evening backstage together as I painted his naked body with the remainder of the body paint, I love that man sometimes! turned out to be a pretty spectacular night between the 2 of us, he knows how to reach me! x
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Oh my what an amazing story and so amazing to be a fantasy of yours!

I'd love to play a naked part in your game

must have been great for the performers - glad it turned into a night of big fun for you

I'll expect an invite to your next party. I wish... I'm available for painting any time--a little dab here--a little dab there...

OMG - what an amazing story. Very hot, wish I'd been one of the men....x

I envy Simon. Nice story.

I'm trying to set up a CFNM related business in Edinburgh. If I ever get it off the ground, I'm recruiting you for ideas.

gr8t way to bring in the new year! Love to be added as a friend/Thnkz


Great story. And I thought I went to a good New Year's eve party.

Thank you very much Emily!! What a great story!! Would love to see pictures... ;-)

Being one of the parts of your board must have been a great experience. I envy your models.