I Love Chai

I love Chai. Being of Indian origin, I suppose that is natural. We drink chai all the time.

It's amazing to see Chai Tea, as it is called in the West, spread all over, and change so much. I am kind of a purist in some ways, but then again from looking at the history of Chai, even Indians have changed it up a lot. So, if others change it, we shoudn't complain.

I have even put up a website dedicated to Chai Tea, and all the different types. Things I had never heard of before: Rooibos Chai, Yerba Mate Chai, plus stuff you'd expect like Vanilla Chai, and Chocolate Chai, even Coconut Chai. There is a lot to explore for all Chai Tea lovers.

anitarai anitarai
31-35, F
Oct 14, 2011