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They Call Me Linus

I am rather cold natured.  I think I give off all my heat...just ask JD.  He calls me his hot water bottle...LOL

Anyway, whenever I go to our home office for training I bring my blanket.  Dangit do they keep it freezing in there.  I swear you could store meat.

The staff nicknamed my Linus...
Lexus Lexus 36-40, F 7 Responses Nov 3, 2007

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Well I have always appreciated Linus' spiritual natural and his steadfast friendship with Charlie. And you know Charlie has always had a major thing for the little redheaded girl because there is something so special about redheads.

LOL....why thank you brut....<br />
<br />
JD just poked his head out...said something about needing his hot water bottle....ttfn...:)

well...I could totally be persuaded to adore you, red hair and all...

dang...knocks me out of the running....<br />
<br />
red hair and glasses....LOL

Plus...she was a brunette...I love brunettes...and glasses!!! I LOVE Glasses. I have never kissed a girl with glasses...God I would love to.

cute one brut...:)

I liked Linus too. But marcie was sooooooo submissive...